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Meli-Melo by Yummyflo is nothing less than one of the "not so classic" halal food restaurants in London. We have a reputation for giving our customers an exquisite treat for their taste buds, and as a result, we’re consistently busy trying to please ...

Unique Halal Food

We pride ourselves on providing great food with strong and bold flavors. Pleasing your taste buds is our common goal as well as making great halal food for the halal connoisseur. We are constantly looking to get better and tastier so that you always want ...

How We Cook

We do not do anything out of the extraordinary, all we have done over the years is to do the basics but on a very high level but with a twist . We always listen to the feedback that we get from our customers. Furthermore, all our ingredients are ...


Jasmine A
Staff were absolutely lovely, special mention and thanks to Alex who took care of us for the whole evening and even customised my drink :) He was so...  Read more
May 30, 2024
Khalid Ravat
We visited this amazing place for our 2nd time from the West Midlands and we must say that it didn't disappoint! Service, food, atmosphere was 10/10...  Read more
May 28, 2024

Photos of what we do

Best Sellers

Best Sellers

Taco Loco

A Taco that will make you want to go crazy.
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Sunday roast

Trademark dish wish doesn't need much introduction 
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Chocolate Pancake

A delicious chocolate pancake to sweeten your taste buds …
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Lamb Shank

A 7h slow cooked, tender, well-seasoned and delicious lamb …
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Imperial salmon benedict

Avocados stuffed croffle, spinach, smoked salmon, …
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Prawn mandus

Chicken & prawn “dumpling”, roasted garlic prawns, …
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Chick thigh pancake

Nashville style fried chicken thigh, rasher, cheese, …
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Prawn roll

glazed prawns, confit egg yolk, celeriac remoulade, …
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Chicken 2 ways

Chicken and stuffing duo with truffle pressed potato, …
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Baklav'ice cream sandwich

Homemade pistachio baklava, pistachio cream, fruits …
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